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Yoga is a vast and ancient practice that helps to build strength, increase flexibility, improve organ function, and prepare the body and mind for deep meditation.  There are many different approaches to yoga, so I recommend trying several different classes and teachers to find the path that suits you best.  

In the quest for optimal health, I encourage my clients to practice yoga because it helps to develop strong postural support muscles which allows us to live more comfortably in our bodies and to maintain proper alignment.  It also helps to develop the flexibility of chronically tight muscles that prevent us from achieving optimal posture and that perpetuate aches and pains.  Poor posture, long hours at work, as well as mental and emotional stress all take a toll on our bodies.  Yoga is a balanced practice that helps to relieve the physical and mental tension that is a natural result of these stressors.   

My current class schedule is as follows:

Monday    8:45 PM     Black Swan Yoga     1114 W. 5th St.    

Wednesday     8:45 PM & 10:30 PM     Black Swan Yoga     4534 Westgate Blvd.     

Thursday     4 PM     Black Swan Yoga     4534 Westgate Blvd.     
                   8:45 PM     Black Swan Yoga     1114 W. 5th St.     

Friday     10:30 PM     Black Swan Yoga     1114 W. 5th St.

Often times yoga studios offer multiple classes a day that can sometimes be very crowded.  This can be challenging for those who are new to the practice if they are not able to receive individualized attention to address their specific needs and weaknesses.  Sometimes, classes are led at a quick pace, which can feel intimidating and foreign to a beginner.  This can lead a person to try a few classes then give up the practice altogether if they feel they are not making progress or are getting lost in the crowd.  It is my aim to reach out to those who feel yoga is impossible or too challenging.  

Therefore, I also offer one on one private lessons for those who are not able to attend a group class or who desire personal attention in their practice.  During a private lesson we will discuss your needs and personal goals and I will teach you postures you can practice on your own that will help to target your trouble spots exactly where you need it most.  For those seeking long term treatment for chronic tension and stress, I like to combine the practice of yoga with regular massage to more effectively relieve the pain associated with tight muscles and to better equip the individual with tools to improve their own health and well being.  Monthly treatment packages are available for those individuals.